15 November 2016

Rebranding and revised contact details for London Derivative Exchange

“London Derivatives Exchange Limited” (LDX) is the new name brand for “Global Markets Exchange Group Limited” (GMEX Limited). This change is restricted to a renaming of the Legal Entity and a rebranding exercise, therefore the contracts in place between LDX and its existing clients and suppliers remain unchanged.

Due to this change, all LDX staff and group email addresses and the LDX office phone number have altered. Going forward, correspondence with LDX should be sent to compliance@londondx.com. Additionally, the LDX phone number is +44 20 7993 5651.

Any questions with respect to this notice should be addressed to LDX using the revised contact details, as described in this notice.

LDX Guidance Notes

London Derivatives Exchange Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.